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Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional Edition

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Some of the Benefits of the Professional Edition

System Requirements

According to Dragon Systems, the three most important components (in order) are: Sound Card, Memory, and CPU speed.

Sound Card - The most important component of your computer is the Sound Card. While Dragon products will work with a wide range of sound cards, we highly recommend only 2 type of Sound Cards; Creative Labs Sound Blaster Series (especially the Sound Blaster 16 Value Edition) or the Hi-Val SoundTastic 16 PNP sound card. Upgrading your sound card to one of the above can dramatically improve your performance; it is well worth the expense. Dragon Systems gives the Hi-Val its highest rating. The Hi-Val is available from CompUSA for about $40.

Memory - At least 48MB of RAM; as add-on modules become available you will probably need 64MB or RAM. We strongly recommend a virtual memory size of at least 100MB. This is especially critical for initial training. NaturallySpeaking Professional requires another 100MB of hard disk space. Therefore, you should have at least 200MB of free disk space. If you have at least 200MB of free disk space, the virtual memory size will probably be fine.

CPU Speed -We recommend at least either a Pentium 166 MMX or 200 MMX. NaturallySpeaking Professional has been writen to take full advantage of the MMX technology. MMX technology can add around a 10% performance increase. Depending upon the manufacturer, a Pentium 133 may work very well.

Price and Support

The price for Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional Edition is $695.00. Three months phone support from Dragon System during normal hours. Unlimited phone support from SMI, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week *. SMI has fully trained Dragon Certified Voice Enabling Engineers as well as Dragon Certified Instructors ready to assist you anytime. * See our Sales Agreement for full support conditions.

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